100 Years of Vincent Price by SeizureDemon (Zach Bellissimo) on
Those of you following my tumblr may have already caught these caricatures which I found divided into three different images. Looking through deviantART I found them again, but this time as one complete picture, so I am posting this up here. Here is an excerpt taken from a description by the artist about his work:
“Today (May 27th 2011) is the 100th birthday of Vincent Price! So I  decided to draw 100 Vincents! On Sticky notes! This piece showcases many  of his greatest (and not so great) roles, performances, and  appearances. It was a little tough trying to find 100 roles of his, so I  had to really dig deep, but I still couldn’t get exactly 100, so I had  to resort to a few doubles and also a series of his different costumes  from his personal horror favorite ‘Theater of Blood’. I know a lot of  these aren’t really the best drawings but I feel that the whole piece  together is what will look good.”
Personally, I think Vincent would have loved them! (Click image for source).